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Submitted by Comments:
From: Italy
GREAT EMULATOR!! The best!!Work very very well!!
Thanks Bill!
Added: March 23, 2006     
Submitted by Comments:
From: italy
Thank you very very much. Your keysolution working very well.
You've solved my problems at all !!!!
Added: March 23, 2006     
Submitted by Comments:
From: Spain
GREAT, great service. Quick response, and always available to give GOOD
solutions. We will repeat without any doubt.
Added: March 22, 2006     
Submitted by Comments:
From: USA
Great service--- a real lifesaver. One day after payment received software.
If you have lost dongle, as I have, this is a great choice. I very highly
recommend. Also very good communications with Bill. Thank you Bill!!
Added: March 21, 2006     
Submitted by Comments:
From: Sudamerica
Sorry but I am going to do this commentary in my native spanish:

El software que utilizo viene con una llave de 90 dias, despues de probar
muchas "soluciones" ninguna funcionó hasta que encontre
a Softkey Solutions. Confié en ellos para encontrar una
solución,la respuesta fue muy rapida y me entregaron una copia de
la llave por un periodo de prueba, despues de comprobar que funcionaba
decidí enviar el dinero para comprar la llave original, a las
horas despues ya la tenia instalada y funcionando perfectamente. Softkey
Solutions es una empresa seria en donde nuestros datos son confidenciales y
entregan respuestas rapidas y claras.

Confien en SoftKey Solutions, no va a ser defraudados.
Como dijo Bill "Reputation is the most important thing in our
Added: March 18, 2006     
Submitted by Comments:
From: Texas
I had an employee "lose" a dongle and I found that the software
company gave me only one option, repurchase the dongle at full price! After
repurchasing the dongle, I did my homeaork and found soft-key solutions. I
paid for the emulation from Soft-key and it works great so now I keep the
dongles in a safe and my computer is doing business risk free! This service
is just nothing less than an insurance policy from great folks to deal
Added: March 14, 2006     
Submitted by Comments:
PJ Ryan
From: Ireland
This is a first cla**ervice, very fast, you get exactly what you pay for,
I would reccommend this service to anyone, I have bad experiences out there
by rip off guys, but Bill is the real deal !

Well Done Guys !
Added: March 13, 2006     
Submitted by Comments:
Derek S
From: USA
After learning of a competitor's business shutting down for over 2 weeks
due to misplaced dongles after moving their offices, I decided that I
didn't want that to happen to my business.

While software-key was not the only business I found while searching for a
solution, they were the only ones to offer a trial of their dongle
emulator. I sent a dump of my dongle and my software and received a trial
emulator very quickly.

What little skepticism I had disappeared once I tried the trial. Worked
EXACTLY as advertised.

While I intially had a little trouble paying via Western Union (due to my
own inexperience only), Bill was both helpful and patient and before I knew
it I had the full version of the emulator.

Bill is the only one I will go to for this service from now on. This guy is
the real deal!

Thanks Again!
Added: March 11, 2006     
Submitted by Comments:
Jed Savage
From: USA
Very quick to deliver trial software key. Works seamlessly. Full solution
was devlivered equally as fast. Highly recommended. Very affordable way
to back up hardware keys. A+++
Added: March 9, 2006     
Submitted by Comments:
From: U.S.A.
After dealing with manu "unsavory" characters on the web, and
even getting scamed, i had the fortune of finding Software-Key. These guys
are responsive, fast and they even let me try my back-up emulator free of
charge. Give them a shot, you won't be disappointed. I'll be happy to give
any references.

Added: March 3, 2006     

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