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  • Aladdin HASP SRM / HL dongle backup
  • Sentinel SuperPro / UltraPro dongle backup
  • Aladdin Hardlock FAST E-Y-E dongle backup

Placing an order

To place an order you need to fill a form or write e-mail to of with all of your requirements. Very important is the name of software, brand of the dongle, is it accessible or not, how fast you expect to get solution. We don't have fixed prices for our services so any offer can be negotiated.
It is recommended to use form below for contacting us to avoid different spam filters on the web. Many messages get lost lately!

Your Name:
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Progam name:
Program URL if available:
Size of program:
Brand of your hardware key:

Basic principles for HASP and Sentinel dongle backup process.

When you send us dongle dump, it takes us about 24 hours to get back with trial version of dongle emulator. We set up an account in the user area, so all files can be downloaded from the web. If everything is ok, you pay for full unlimited license and get access to full unlimited license.

Don't wait for dongle problems

Dongle backup is much cheaper and faster than dongle recovery process. It is much better to backup your key when it is working and not to wait for your key get damaged, stolen or lost!


All updates for software copies of your dongles are provides free of charges.

Basic principles for dongle recovery

When dongle is lost, stolen or broken, we work with customers by the following scheme: You're sending us your software, then we try to make solution. If we succeed you test limited version of the solution and if it works you send agreed amount of money and then receive the full version of the solution.

Transferring the software

We prefer to deal with distributive of software and ask our customers not to send us separate files. You shouldn't worry, we don't spread software and confidentiality of the information is guaranteed.
There are several ways of sending your software to us : you can use our FTP server, put on your WWW/FTP or send us a CD. We prefer not to return CDs, so it's better to send us a copy of original CD. We don't need you to send us dongle but if it is possible, it will make the solution simpler and cheaper. The CD can be send by means of cheap but slow Air Mail or through courier delivery systems such as FedEX,DHL,UPS and other.


Usually it takes about one week to remove the protection completely, but sometimes it can take much more time. If dongle is available it will reduce required time. Otherwise we cannot guarantee the result.


When solution is done we send trial version. It can be limited in time or have some features disabled. You can test this solution and make sure it's working before you pay.
Try before you buy is our basic principle. It's much better to be sure everything works before collecting money than troubleshooting a problem.


If you find out after payment is done that solution we've done for you isn't working properly, we'll trying to fix the problem and if there's nothing we can do within 2 weeks, we return your money including cost of sending.